Laura & Giorgio

If I think of Gionata, the word “trust” comes to my mind: the word I gave him sight unseen, but which he repaid in an astonishing way. In him I found not only a very passionate person of his work, but a special traveling companion in this endless year of preparations. I think of the time he dedicated to me, of the work that was done without my realizing it, I think of his protective support, of the disarming humanity that he puts into everything he does and that makes you always feel at home.

Wanda & Michele

From a wedding planner, one is expected to feel relieved by many matters. And with Gionata this happened but his support was not limited to this, but rather to provide quality in everything he proposed and organized for us. We felt taken by the hand and guided with special attention to the smallest details. Gionata is a wedding planner not only professional but passionate about his work. We highly recommend it to all couples who have chosen to get married!

Barbara & Davide

Gionata turned out to be professional right away and accepted our every need, making our day perfect. Thanks to his help on the wedding day we were relaxed and confident that everything would be as we had dreamed it. Nothing went wrong, everything was coordinated in every detail. Recommended for those who want not only a wedding planner, but a friend you can count on!

Irene & John

Gionata was fantastic, on a professional and human level. He immediately understood our desires and needs. My husband and I live in Scotland. Organizing our marriage without his help would have been impossible! Gionata has patience, sensitivity, willingness and a strong fashion sense. On the wedding day his presence was fundamental, but discreet. Gionata made sure that everything was perfect, helping to make our day unforgettable! Thank you so much!

Monica & Matteo

Gionata ... a person of a sweetness and a professionalism that from my marriage, all I do is think about him! Nothing would have been so perfect, if it were not for his touch, his delicacy and his taste in helping me. Not only do I recommend him, but I also want to tell you that his ability to always keep under control the situation, on days like these is fundamental. Thanks Gionata!

Giuditta & Stefano

It is impossible to describe in a few sentences what Gionata managed to do for us. He was immediately impeccable ... careful, precise and willing. On our wedding day everything was exactly the way we wanted it, indeed even better! We enjoyed our day serenely, everything was fantastically managed! He has an exceptional taste that adapts to every style .. A wonderful relationship of friendship and confidence has been created. I recommend to everyone to trust him, you will be delighted!