About me

Ciao, sono Gionata!


Everything has to be done humbly, with passion and in harmony with all the beauty surrounding us.
This is the mood the leads my work and personal life.

Everyday. Everytime.

I was lucky enough to be born close to the beautiful sea of Puglia, source of inspiration anytime I need some peace to restore my vitality.

Love, though has always led me further away from home.

I found my “second sea” in Lake Como, where I live with Stefano and where I can experience the love of the couples who choose me to support and accompany them in their most special day.

I like traveling and reading, I love fashion and design. I like tasty food, rosé wine and floral shirts; I’m curious and I'm always looking for new inspirations.

Seeing, listening, touching, feeling, all is about perceiving what do you need.

And right these features allow me to gather and appreciate characteristics and singularity of places and people, reflecting them in any event I manage, here on Lake Como, in Tuscany, in Puglia and all around our beautiful Italy.


What inspires me...

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